Runaway is a punk-rock inspired parkour platformer.

It is the first game in development by Burning Sky Games. Take to the streets of a collapsed metropolis as you battle warring gangs for control of the city. Leap, dive, roll, and climb through the ruins to tag your mark on your once-beautiful home.

Runaway has been in full development-mode since October 2016 with support from Drexel University’s Entrepreneurial Game Studio. Through the Xbox Creators Program, Burning Sky Games plans to release a multiplayer-focused version of Runaway to the Xbox One and Windows digital stores in August 2019 with a larger, narrative-driven version to follow later.


The World

The city of Los Sorenos was built on a booming iron industry, but the city’s prosperity lasted only as long as the iron did. Now unrest has befallen the city, and several gangs have risen to reform. But they have only brought war over their vastly different approaches.


The Gangs

Zeros are all about disruption. They spread chaos through the city like a virus to topple the wealthy and apathetic few.

Blackened Corps fights corruption through militaristic order. Fear and violence are the wood and nails with which their scaffolds of power are built.

The Sparks lead by example as the voice of everyone. They light a flame of hope in the people’s hearts with artistic tags.


And you

Tim has been a victim of the city and the gangs’ rampages. Fed up with the injustice and indifference, he joins the Sparks, the gang of the people. Along with Chris, Alex, and Ash, he fights to restore their city to the glory it once was.

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