Preparing for MAGFest 2019


If you haven’t heard from our Twitter, Burning Sky Games has been accepted to showcase at the Music and Gaming Festival (MAGFest) from January 3rd through January 6th! This four-day festival is hosted annually at the Gaylord Hotel in National Harbor, MD (just 15 minutes from DC) and is home to an indie game showcase, cosplayers, and plenty of parties! What makes MAGFest so exciting for us is that its attendees are the ones we are creating Runaway for: people passionate about the intersection of video games and music. These will be the people who most appreciate our punk rock roots, and bringing Runaway to MAGFest will allow us to see firsthand how our target audience receives the game. Because the showcase room will be open from the minute the event starts to the minute it ends, guests will be able to stop by at any time of day (and night) to play the game. That means plenty of opportunities for people to play and plenty of time for us to learn as much about our game as possible!

With MAGFest right around the corner, Burning Sky Games been hard at work preparing! I’ve personally been developing several new game modes for our mutliplayer demo, from a spray-painting death match to freeze tag. Olivia (lead artist) has built an amazing website to get away from the WordPress mess I put together a couple of years ago (…has it really been that long?!) Our newest recruit and animator Danny is working on character animations in a new style to replace all the placeholder pixel art we have now. While pixel art’s cool, it’s not quite punk enough, so this is a change I’ve been looking forward to for a long time. Josh and Mary Claire (composers) are experimenting with different techniques for songwriting with a goal of another track or two to debut at MAGFest.

Attending MAGFest? Here is a peak of our free postcard and business card takeaways.

Attending MAGFest? Here is a peak of our free postcard and business card takeaways.

MAGFest will be the biggest event we’ve been to yet and the largest presence for Burning Sky Games! With four days and four team members in attendance, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn! We’re still a rookie team, and we’ll take this opportunity to pick the brains of the veterans there. There’s so much we’d like to learn on how to best present our game, effective marketing strategies, and of course the coolest merch we can make for Runaway. With the long commute to the event, our booth will be pretty basic, so we’ll also be taking notes on the best booth presences to make our booth better next time.

All in all, the team’s been putting in awesome work getting ready, and I am super excited to show you all what we’ve got next for you - both at MAGFest and here in the coming months!